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Define Wraps

Define Wraps

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Limited Stock! Sculpt your beautiful dancer's body with BARRE DEFINITION Define Wraps. Designed by Action Jacquelyn with vegan leather and moisture-wicking fabrics that hug your ankles or wrists for effective fine toning.

  • Set includes 2 ankle/wrist weights with carrying-case included 
  • 1 lb each for optimal resistance
  • Elegant design for comfort and durability
  • Sweat-resistant and moisture-wicking
  • Streamlined fit, no bulkiness

Your Define Wraps were made with performance in mind, to sculpt and tone your body with style. Whether you're adding to your Barre Definition workout, using on your wrists or ankles on your hot girl walks, or rocking them as your favorite anklet or bracelet, the Define Wraps will help you bring more wellness to your day. 

To learn more about how to use your Define Wraps, follow along with the workouts in your Barre Definition app.

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